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National Library

The main idea of the National Library building reconstruction project was to preserve its modernist character while simultaneously adapting it to contemporary needs to make it more intuitive, ergonomic, and ecological. The interior spaces of the reading rooms were given a new, appropriate hierarchy and function, and their significance was emphasized through the use of natural materials. Stone floors and coverings in areas of intervention were complemented with terrazzo and wooden acoustic panels, while the ceiling featured panels made from a copper mesh.


The National Library Modernization Project has been showered with awards: It received the main prize of the Property Design Awards 2023 in the Design category – interiors of public facilities. It was awarded with SARP Project of The Year 2023 Award. It also earned numerous titles from the Architectural Award of the President of the Capital City of Warsaw – GRAND PRIX, 1st Prize in the New Life of Buildings category, and the Accessibility Solutions Award! As Studio Blisko, we contributed to this achievement – we are responsible for the Visual Information System, including the design of solutions for the blind and visually impaired: tactile maps (three-dimensional and readable by touch) as well as Braille markings.


Our scope of work included directional information boards, informational pylons, pylons with tactile maps, identifying signs and signals, and the development of Braille markings. We began our collaboration with KONIOR Studio on an existing conceptual project previously developed by SOKKA design studio.


Authors: Konior Studio; authorial team: Tomasz Konior, Dominik Koroś, Andrzej Witkowski, Marcin Piotrowski, Wojciech Przywecki, Michał Lipiec, Angelika Drozd, Mikołaj Zdanowski, Piotr Straszak; collaboration: SOKKA: Katarzyna Sokołowska, Wojciech Sokołowski, Ewelina Bidzińska, Michał Latko, Marcin Maciejewski; construction and installations: MES, Arkadiusz Jakubowski, PKBI, WhiteMoose, Eltrim Projects; Visual Information System: Studio Blisko: Anna Nowokuńska-Maksymiuk Investor: National Library, Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


Photography: Anna Nowokuńska-Maksymiuk |
and two photos by Jakub Certowicz, courtesy of Konior Studio


Interior design:




Warsaw, Poland

Year of completion:




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