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We combine graphicsgraphics
with architecture.architecture. We design Visual Information Systems

Blisko. Wayfinding studio

We are Blisko. Wayfinding studio

We specialize in wayfinding, aka space signage. For several years, we have been creating Visual Information Systems for architectural spaces in public sector (education, culture, medical), commercial sector (retail, tourism), business sector (offices) and residential sector (residential projects, interiors). We combine the competences of graphic and architectural design. That is why we have a common language with architects or developers. We know the specifics of the architectural industry and the stages of the design process. Together, we create clear and unique solutions, always referring to the look&feel of architecture, the main idea of the design, and function.

Our industry has many names. Signage. Directional signage. Wayshowing & wayfinding. Spatial navigation. Visual Information Systems. Space branding. Regardless of the name, what we do is a series of visual and spatial activities designed to lead space users to their destination.

Wayfinding Space branding Signage Visual Information System Wayshowing Spatial graphics Directional signage Navigation in space

Our processprocess


Brief and offer

Defining the scope of the project and standard of solutions. Offer.


Research and analysis

Analysis of users’ paths and functional zones. Identify the recommended types of visual information and their location.


Design concept

A proposal of the individual character of the visual information system, its reference to the language of architecture and the idea or function of the object.


Executive project

Comprehensive design documentation for execution. Defining guidelines necessary for costing, production and implementation.


Preparation for production

Preparation of production files for technologies selected at the design stage. Delivery of files suitable for printing, cutting, milling, etc.


Author’s supervision

We offer author’s local and remote supervision. We work with specialized contractors. We consult production technologies.

Our clientsclients

Who we cooperate with and for whom we design:

Architectural studios

Investors and developers

Institutions and companies

Our projectsprojects

Here are some of our recent projects of Visual Information Systems


Center for Communication Sciences of the University of Warsaw (Modern Languages), stage II

educational · Warsaw

Architect  ·  Kuryłowicz&Associates Investor  · University of Warsaw Status  ·  implementation


‘Osiedle Mickiewicza’ Housing

residential · Warsaw

Architect  ·  Hermanowicz Rewski Architekci Investor  ·  SKANSKA Status  ·  completed 2016-2020


Medical Simulation Center of the Medical University of Warsaw

educational, medical · Warsaw

Architect  ·  TPF Architects Investor  ·  Warsaw Medical University Status  ·  implementation


‘Centrum Południe’

offices · Wrocław ➔ See project here

Architect  ·  APA Wojciechowski Investor  ·  SKANSKA Status  ·  completed


‘Strefa Wilanów’

residential · Warsaw

Architect  ·  Kuryłowicz&Associates Investor  ·  Yareal Status  ·  completed


‘Naturia’ Housing

residential · Toruń

Architect  ·  Kuryłowicz&Associates Investor  ·  Budlex Status  ·  implementation


‘Łazienki Park’ Residence

residential · Warsaw ➔ See project here

Architect  ·  Hermanowicz Rewski Architekci Investor  ·  Yareal Status  ·  completed


‘Vice Versa’ Residence

residential · Warsaw ➔ See project here

Architect  ·  Hermanowicz Rewski Architekci Investor  ·  Yareal Status  ·  completed


Warszawa Gdańska Railway station – expansion and modernisation

transport · Warsaw

Construction Design  ·  YLE engineers Investor  ·   Polish National Railways Status  ·  implementation

Press and publicationspublications

We strive to make Visual Information Systems a common standard in architecture. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience at conferences, conduct lectures on theory, publish articles in industry magazines. We want to popularize wayfinding. Therefore, with these broad actions, we try to highlight the benefits of cooperation between architects and developers and designers of Visual Information Systems.

Centrum Południe published in Architektura&Biznes

Our wayfinding project Centrum Południe has been recognized by the editors of the Architektura&Biznes magazine. The publication of the project presents selected photos of the implementation and describes some information about the design process. Title  · Wayfinding for the Centrum Południe office building, designed by the Studio Blisko Time  · Friday, 5th of March 2021 Author  · Ola Kloc Magazine · Architektura&Biznes

See the article  ·  link
Interview for Architektura Murator magazine

An interview for Architektura Murator magazine. We discussed the process of wayfinding design, the challenges, how to design inclusively for the visually impaired. We discussed the recent project of ours: Łazienki Park Residence wayfinding. Title  ·  Where is the exit? The stylish wayfinding from Studio Blisko Time  ·  15th of February 2021 Author  ·  Tomasz Żylski Magazine · Architektura Murator

Read the interview  ·  link
Interview for Architektura&Biznes magazine

Our wayfinding project Łazieni Park Residence has been recognized by the editors of the Architektura&Biznes magazine. Along with the publication we gave interview about the process and challenges behind the scenes. Title  ·  Where is the exit? The stylish wayfinding from Studio Blisko Time  ·  9th of February 2021 Author  ·  Ola Kloc Magazine · Architektura&Biznes

Read the interview  ·  link
Portfolio Emergency webinar

As the Association of Polish Graphic Designers (STGU) we teamed up with The Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects (OW SARP), and together we created the event ‘The Portfolio Emergency SARP×STGU’ (Pogotowie Portfolio SARP×STGU). The opening event was the live-streamed open webinar explaining the graphic design aspects of architecture design, during which the founder of Studio Blisko, Anna Nowokuńska, has presented the theoretical background and live showed practical applications. Title  ·  Pogotowie Portfolio SARP×STGU )Portfolio Emergency SARP×STGU) Time  · premiered on Tuesday, 3rd of November 2020, 18.00 p.m. (2 hrs) Organisers  · STGU, OW SARP Host · Zodiak

Watch video on YouTube  ·  link
Podcast 'Architecture should...'

Studio Blisko has been a guest at podcast Architektura Powinna ran by architect Klaudia Lachcik. We were talking about wayfinding systems, and collaboration between graphic designers and architect. Title  ·  System Informacji Wizualnej – co to jest… Rozmowa z Anną Nowokuńską. Time  ·  premiered on Wednesday, 23rd of January 2020 Host  ·  Klaudia Lachcik by Architektura Powinna Podcast

Listen now on Spotify  ·  link
Element Urban Talks

Anna Nowokuńska, the founder of Studio Blisko, has given a lecture at Expert Scene at Element Urban Talks conference in Kraków, Poland. She talked about wayfinding systems, and collaboration between graphic designers and architect. Lecture  ·  Designing our doom… Wayshowing and wayfinding in architecture. Time  ·  Saturday, 30th of November 2019, 12.30 pm Place  ·  Expert Scene, NCK Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury, Kraków, Poland Organizer  ·  Element Urban Talks by Element Talks Photography  ·  Kamil Kożuch, Jakub Kusiej Visual Identity of the Conference  ·  Martyna Wędzicka-Obuchowicz. Look here.

Biennale Traffic Design

Anna Nowokuńska, the founder of Studio Blisko, has run Architecturally. Graphically. Logically. — two-day wayfinding workshop for young architects and students of the last years of architecture. The architectural space is dedicated to its users according to the programmed function. When the form and program of the object are ready to be used, users still need to know how to use it. Therefore, every public space should be a part of two areas of design: architectural and graphic. During the workshop, successful examples of using this potential in public places by integrating graphics with architecture have been presented and analyzed. Basic issues related to wayfinding and wayshowing have been discussed. Participants attempted to create a concept of signage system of the indicated project. The event was co-financed by the City of Gdynia. Workshop  ·  Architecturally. Graphically. Logically. — wayfinding workshop Lecturer  ·  Anna Nowokuńska. Studio Blisko Time  ·  8—9 September, 2018 Place  ·  Movie Center in Gdynia, Poland Organizer  ·  Traffic Design Association Photo&Poster design  ·  Traffic Design Association

Element UX Talks

Anna Nowokuńska, the founder of Studio Blisko, has appeared at Element UX Talks conference in Poznań, Poland. She talked about UX, about space, and about errors in wayfinding systems. Lecture  ·  Error in 3D, or architectural UI/UX Time  ·  Sunday, 30th of September 2018, 1.40 pm Place  ·  Concordia Design, Poznań, Poland Organizer  ·  Element Talks & The Awwwesomes Photography  ·  Krystian Daszkowski

ARCH mag #45

Our article and project published in the ARCH Magazine, issued by the Association of Polish Architects. Issue  ·  No. 1 (45), Jan—Feb 2018, Poland Language  ·  Polish Publisher  ·  Association of Polish Architects Author  ·  Anna Nowokuńska. Studio Blisko In this issue of the ARCH magazine, you will find our article: Man in a big city — the role of graphic design in architectural space. Also one of my project was published — wayfinding system for the Puppet and Actor Theater in Kielce. The text is also accompanied by two photographs of the signage system designed by Studio 2×2 — Museum in Wilanów.

Westival — the Art of Architecture

Anna Nowokuńska, the founder of Studio Blisko, has given a lecture at Westival — the Art of Architecture, 11th edition called RESET, in Szczecin, Poland. I have spoken about the role of graphics in space. Lecture  ·  A man in a big city — the role of graphic design in architectural space Conference  ·  Westival — the Art of Architecture, 11th edition Time  ·  Saturday, 28th of October 2017 Place  ·  Stara Rzeźnia, Szczecin, Poland Organizer  ·  Association of Polish Architects in Szczecin Photography  ·  W. Zawarski

Lectures at Warsaw School of Information Technology

Anna Nowokuńska, the founder of Studio Blisko, is a university lecturer at Warsaw School of Information Technology. For 5 years now she is giving classes on drawing and design. She teaches her own original program on the course about the basics of wayfinding systems. University  ·  Warsaw School of Information Technologies, Course  ·  The Basics of Visual Information Systems Place  ·  Warsaw, Poland

About Studio BliskoBlisko

Anna Nowokuńska-Maksymiuk
Anna Nowokuńska-Maksymiuk

Founder of Studio Blisko. Designer of visual information systems, architect. Works at the intersection of graphic design and architecture. Winner of design awards such as the Polish Graphic Design Award in 2022, medalist at the European Design Awards in 2024, and the Indigo Design Awards in 2024. Recipient of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage scholarship for 2024. Lecturer at the School of Form at SWPS University, and at the WIT Academy, where she teaches visual information systems. Author of numerous visual identity systems, exhibition designs, books, and infographics. Illustrator. Pursuing a PhD in wayfinding at the Academy of Art in Szczecin. Her design works and illustrations have been presented at solo and group exhibitions, including in the USA, Poland, Spain, France, Latvia, Romania, and Bulgaria. Member of the Board of the Association of Applied Graphic Designers. Juror in design competitions (Śląska Rzecz 2024; National Institute of Heritage Conservation: Monuments on the Street 2024; TUP Best Public Space 2023; Visible Museum 2022; Project of the Year 2022).

ContactContact us

Studio Blisko’s office is located in Warsaw, Poland, in the heart of the city.

We design Visual Information Systems for facilities throughout the country and abroad.

We are a member of the Association of Polish Graphic Designers.


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