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Vice Versa

Vice Versa Residence is a new residential investment on the map of Warsaw, Poland. The high standard of architecture in the immediate vicinity, like the famous 19th District, obliges us to outstanding design and the highest quality of production. An important role is played by the Visual Information System (wayfinding), whose aim at the beginning is to provide the name of the investment – Vice Versa – as well as navigating its area in the scope of patio with common functions, staircases, underground garage, technical functions.


In this prestigious space, we have proposed solutions that go beyond the typical functionality of the wayfinding system. We have given the elements of the common space the form of a contemporary spatial sculpture. Stainless steel bent along the outline of the customized lettering with delicate proportions stands out from the background with a contrasting color. The protruding elements provide information about the function, while creating a specific logo of a given zone – for example, the word BIKES integrated with the cyclist’s original pictogram. The spaciousness of the inscriptions opened the way to play with the light itself – the evening lighting brings out the form, and the sculptures cast dynamic, radiant shadows.


The wayfinding project is based on individual typography – contemporary, elegant, extremely non-obvious, and fully fitted into the context of the architecture and its details. The recurring motif of slanting elements in architecture (e.g. metal balustrades, gate), taken from the initials of the name of the investment (V-V), found its continuation in thin lettering in our logo and subsequent inscriptions. The rounded corners of pillars and service premises in the arcades have been creatively transferred to lettering in the form of rounding and filling the corners.


The General Contractor is: Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane Unimax. The signage was produced by: Mapalu from Reda.






Warsaw, Poland





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